Our Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our Valued Staff

  • Stephen C. Fleegle

    Stephen C. Fleegle Funeral Director

  • Jason Fellows

    Jason Fellows Managing Funeral Director

    Jason started his career with his family business in 1998 and worked his way up becoming owner and managing partner throughout his years of hard work. Making a positive impact on families that he has served in his communities is incredibly rewarding for Jason. Knowing that he has eased the burden and potentially relieved some stress during one of life’s hardest challenges bring happiness to Jason. If Jason could possess any superpower it would be to work at superspeed. Wearing so many different hats around the funeral home and his family life – husband to Dana, father and coach to twin daughters, being able to work in superspeed would allow him to accomplish so much more during his waking hours! His favorite time of day is specifically in the spring and summer around 6 pm. The daylight extends and he has time to spend with his family working on projects outside. Jason is well respected by his colleagues and is known as the trustworthy and dependable guy that will help with any situation. If he could learn any language it would be Spanish as it would be extremely beneficial to help connect with our communities.

  • Karen Jones

    Karen Jones Funeral Director

    Karen started with FHN as a funeral apprentice in 2020. She enjoys assisting families through a difficult time in life while making the process easier along the way. It comes as no surprise that her character is best described as compassionate, honest, and intuitive – the perfect traits to take care of her community when they need it most. If Karen could travel through time and remain immortal at any age, she would go back to her early 20s when her kids were young and holidays were magical. She values time spent with family and loves traveling when she is able to get away. In the hotly debated discussion, “is a hot dog a sandwich,” Karen firmly believes that if it’s served on a roll, then it’s a sandwich!

  • Katie Beebe-Cunningham

    Katie Beebe-Cunningham Administrative Office Manager

    Katie Beebe-Cunningham joined Fleegle & Helfenbein as an Administrative Assistant in 2023. She’s definitely a morning person and says, “I fire on all cylinders in the mornings.” As a child, she thought she’d be a veterinarian when she grew up, so it’s not surprising to hear that she has five dogs. Katie loves to travel, but also enjoys the chance to return home and relax. Her favorite place to visit so far is the Bahamas. “They had me at the blue water.” If she could pick a superpower, Katie would choose healing, explaining, “I would love to be able to heal all things from broken hearts to broken bones and anything else in between.” She describes herself as kind, bubbly and sweet and says that her favorite part of her job is helping. “I take pride in making someone else’s day a better day.” While you should never consider Katie a pushover (she’d gladly trade places with her favorite Disney heroine, Mulan), we think she’s a ray of sunshine. Given the chance to have dinner with anyone, she’d choose Lamb Chop because, “I feel like she would brighten my day up.”

  • Amanda Weaver

    Amanda Weaver Office Assistant

  • Bart Cohey

    Bart Cohey Funeral Assistant

  • Kerry Legg

    Kerry Legg Planning Concierge

    Kerry’s favorite time of the day is late afternoon – it’s winddown time during the week and on the weekends when she gathers with her husband, Josh, and kids. She has been proudly helping the families in the community since 2007, and learning about others while helping them through a difficult time is truly what propels her every day. While she grew up thinking she’d be a soccer player or coach, she is instead coaching others through uncharted territories after a loved one is lost or by encouraging individuals to preplan services to relieve stressors on their family members. Coaching comes naturally for Kerry, as she is also extremely involved in her daughter Hayden’s, and son, Jase’s athletic pursuits. If Kerry could have any superpower it would be flying. She loves to travel but dislikes the time spent getting to a destination. Of everywhere she has traveled, Whistler, British Columbia marks the top destination on her list. If Kerry could have any band, living or dead, play at her funeral she would choose The Beatles. Thanks to her mom, she has a strong love for the British icons!

  • Kristal Abrams

    Kristal Abrams Planning Administrator

    Kristal has been helping our communities solve the tricky items our families come across after services are over, like insurance claims and Register of Wills affairs to name a couple, since 2016. Her favorite time of day is when the funeral concierge work ends and she pulls into her driveway to see her three kids, Vada, Luke, and Sawyer waiting for her with their bright smiles! Kristal considers herself a homebody over a traveler, so it’s only fitting that her and her husband, Matt, have made their beautiful family home one she adores! Though she loves her time with family, it is helping community families that brings her the most joy in her role at FHN. She describes herself as dedicated, stubborn, and kind. All of these are valuable qualities to help organize families in getting back on their feet after a loss! When ask the hotly debated question, “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” Her answer quickly was: “Not a sandwich, obviously!”

  • Ryan Helfenbein

    Ryan Helfenbein Certified PrePlanning Counselor

    Ryan has been working in his family business since 1997 and became a partner in 2006. Prior to that he had thought he’d become a Marine Biologist. While that career didn’t take off, he throws himself into his fishing hobby whenever time permits. His favorite spot to travel is Atlantic Beach, NC because as a fisherman, that place has it all! Ryan’s favorite time of day is early morning when all is quiet, and he has a fresh mind. He believes the best part being an “Undertaker” (as he refers to himself) is being able to help individuals plan well in advance to eliminate stress and financial burden for family in the future. He also feels good after a ceremony when family members and visitors leave his facilities with a smile on their face and a tear in their eye. This tells him that the role of creating a one-of-a-kind final farewell was in fact achieved. Given the opportunity to be immortal, like his favorite superhero, Captain America, Ryan would choose to remain in his mid-30s. He described it as life before aches and pains, minimal stress, and that it was at the time when he and his wife, Sarah, were able to watch all three of their children, Luke, Chase, and Emma grow from babies into the amazing personalities they have today.

  • Terry Cooper

    Terry Cooper Funeral Assistant

  • Pastor Doug Morley

    Pastor Doug Morley Funeral Assistant