Pet Services

It is our goal to provide you with tender support and assistance during a most difficult time — the loss of a dearly loved pet. We offer prompt and compassionate care, and provide the resources to see you through your loss.

All pets entrusted to Fleegle and Helfenbein Funeral Home’s care for cremation are handled through our licensed crematory by a courteous and professional staff.

Trust is Number One

The most important aspect of our service to you is your personal emotional comfort. Your questions are welcome, and we encourage you to visit our clean and modern facilities, and to meet our courteous and professional staff.

Private Cremation

Some cremation centers today offer primarily group cremation. This is when multiple pets are cremated all at once. Fleegle and Helfenbein Funeral Home guarantees a private and caring method of cremation. The client can be assured that they will receive only their pet’s cremated remains. Fleegle and Helfenbein Funeral Home also issues a cremation number with a cremation certificate to all of its clients assuring that the cremated remains are that of their pet.

Removal Service

Whether in your home or through your local veterinarian, we will remove the pet upon request of the owner. The pet’s cremated remains may be picked up at a specified time and location or sent via certified mail.

Pet Keepsakes and Urns