Cemetery Rules

General Rules and Regulations

The cemetery will be open to the public from dawn to dusk.

The speed limit in the cemetery is 10 miles per hour. Vehicles must remain on the cemetery driveways and are not permitted to drive or park on grass areas. 

Children under 12 years of age are not permitted without adult supervision.

Pets are not permitted on the grounds.

Advertising of any kind is not permitted in the cemetery.

Hunting is not permitted on the cemetery grounds.

The cemetery dumpster is provided for refuse from the cemetery only. Outside trash or garbage may not be brought into the cemetery and placed in the dumpster. 

Planting, Flowers, Shrubbery Regulations

The planning of any trees, bushes or shrubs will not be allowed unless approved by the Cemetery Board.

Any flowers planted may not extend further than twelve inches from the concrete foundation under the family memorial or individual grave marker. Flowers may not be planted in cemetery paths.

Glass containers may not be used at any place on the cemetery property.

No ivy may be planted in the cemetery. 

Christmas decorations must be removed by the last week of February and Easter decorations must be removed by the 2nd week of May. The cemetery reserves the right to remove any decorations left in the cemetery after theses dates. 

All flower arrangements (live and artificial) will be removed from the cemetery as follows:

the last week of November

the last week of February

the 2nd week of May

the last week of June

the last week of August

It is requested that flower arrangements be limited to one per grave from April to October to facilitate grass cutting. The grass cannon be cut on graves where flowers are placed on the grave away from the monument. 

The planting of any memorial trees in the cemetery must be in an area approved by the Cemetery Board.

Gravel, small stones, pebbles or similar material may not be placed around memorials, markers or plantings in the cemetery (due to possible injury from mowing operations). 


The Greensboro Cemetery Association of Caroline County shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by an act of God, common enemy, thieves, vandals, strikes, malicious mischief, unavoidable accidents, riots, or actions of any military or civil authority.

The cemetery is not responsible for damage to monuments or markers or for the theft of flowers, flower holders, vases, shrubbery, etc.

The cemetery is not liable or responsible for damage of loss of property or any injury of any nature to persons who may visit the cemetery or attend funeral services.

The cemetery assumes no responsibility or liability for any defect or deterioration of any monument, marker, memorial, tomb, etc.